Future Tools XV "Success Factor Modeling"

2021: der DVNLP veranstaltet zum 15. Mal den Experten-Workshop "Future Tools". Beim ersten Workshop im Jahre 2005 startete die Reihe mit dem NLP-Trainer Robert Dilts. Und nun sind wir sehr stolz, zum Jubiläum wieder den Top-NLP-Trainer und Weiterentwickler des NLP Robert Dilts als Referenten präsentieren zu können.

Online-Workshop (mit deutscher Übersetzung) am 25.- und 26. Mai 2021

Robert Dilts

Success Factor Modeling

SFM Tools for the Future - Taking Your Business to the Next Level

Success Factor Modeling™ (SFM) is a unique approach to competency building originated and developed by Dilts Strategy Group. The SFM process is designed to identify and apply the critical success factors necessary to promote the growth and development of individuals, teams and companies. SFM explores the questions: “What is the difference that makes the difference between successful and average or poor ventures, teams, leaders and entrepreneurs?” and “What are the critical success factors related to launching or growing a successful and sustainable business?”

For the past 20 years, the SFM process has been applied to discover the key patterns of success of some of the highest performing individuals, teams and organizations in the world. One of the strengths of the SFM™ process is applying these critical success factors by creating roadmaps, models, tools and techniques which support entrepreneurs, managers and leaders to take their ventures to a whole new level of success. SFM has focused on several crucial areas of success factors including:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Collective Intelligence
  • Conscious Leadership and Resilience

This program will explore how to apply these pivotal areas of business success to increase your “fitness for the future.” We will employ the tools of SFM to make a diagnosis and apply the results to create a direction and a path to bring your team or venture to a new and higher level of performance. 

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