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Christian Kressmann

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Über mich

Kressmann Coaching is a company for services all about „personal development“. For scientists and technical companys around the globe we help making their research and work awsome through coaching and training!

You are a superior enterprise, building high-quality machinery or doing complex research? How about a nearly ‚unfair advantage‘ towards your competition?

We provide you with the perfect skill-set trainings for your team and staff. So everyone may skyrocket their success – except your competition.

Or are you a lecturer and would like to have students sticking to every word you say?

Take us up on our 1-on-1 premium „leverage your lecture coaching“ and your students will never forget about you!

But maybe you have to talk on congresses and fairs about your research and newest developments?

How about standing ovations from all of the participants and a stream of new orders and sales?

Science is full of competition – what would your life be without all the struggle and You being the secret sauce to your success?

Let’s not kid ourselves: you get trainings and coaching for “personal development” just for the asking. But most of the providers focus on topics like ‘rhetoric’ or ‘motivation’.

However they loose the number-one thing: the people. They don’t know their language nor their specific needs. We do.

People, living science, are particularly: demanding, quality-focused and innovative.

Our strength is the subtle dialect spoken by those people.

In fact, we don’t do “personal development” – we rather do “personal refinement”!

To put it in a nutshell: we provide education. Education in its general meaning of ‘learning something valuable new’.

It can be given via personal coaching or consulting, as a speech in front of your employees or as a highly intense workshop.

It depends on the circumstances which one to choose from. Factors matter like time you can dedicate, number of people, urgency of the problem or goal and of course your budget.

Think of the following:

A french scientist is forced to move his hometown due to his research. He arrives at Berlin and is told to held a lecture in German at his new University, since he has become a professor now.

He does speak some German, as he has made friends in Berlin back in his own time as a student. Nevertheless, giving a lecture in a foreign language is a whole different story.

He kind of manages to master the language. But there is so much more to figure out.

How to structure the content? How to present it? The fear of speaking in front of a large audience?

What about body language?…this ought to be important, someone told him.

What to prioritize in his research? how to balance work and live? How to pitch his Ideas for Investors? the list goes on and on…

One might think: ‘i want support on this, someone to give me relief of these problems…someone to give me water in dessert’

– Thats where we change the game together.

Together we will work out the best option to fullfil your and your teams needs for a more successful and pleasing live.


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I studied Chemistry and Physics. Since 2009 I am working as a coach and workshop leader for personal development. So far, I could accompany and inspire over 3500 people in more than 1800 hours of coachings, speakings and workshops.

I strive to let scientists overcome their fears to follow their bliss and live a life full of happiness.


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