Practitioner - # Welcome to the inmetra NLP Practitioner, DVNLP/eanlp in English and in Frankfurt "Mainhattan" - Start: Feb 19, 2021

12.03.2021 - 28.11.2021 / Frankfurt am Main

Vanessa Vetter has intercultural, international and Expatriate experience. She teaches NLP w/ heart.

This NLP class in 2021 runs over 7 weekend moduls, Friday afternoon till Sunday evening.

I offer a profound learning of the NLP skills, methods and formats in 143 hours on 22 days (the DVNLP minimum demands 130 hours on 18 days) with humor, brain and fun.

My aim is to teach you how you can use your brain effectively to create more and more the live you want and get out of these stressy, unhealthy rat races. The skills enable you to communicate more clearly, solve inner and outer conflicts, to change your thoughts and emotions you do not want to get stuck with any more, get your ethics straight, invite live visions, and goals achieved. - If this sounds interesting to you, you are welcome to join in. 

Attending the class demands a brief personal contact in advance to check my offer and your expectations.

Friday 17 - 21 hrs
Saturday, Sunday 10 - 19 hrs

Moduls and dates 2021

Modul 1
March 12 - 14

Modul 2
April 30 - May 2

Modul 3
June 18 - 20

Modul 4
August 20 - 22

Modul 5
September 24 - 26

Modul 6
October 29 - 31

Modul 7
November 26 - 28 

Your investment
3.000  Euro
2.88 Euro - if you sign up till January 15, 2021

inmetra is officially acknowledged by the state of Hessen and the Francfurt school authority for this education, so there is no VAT.

Included is 
NLP high quality: literature, hand-outs, flipchart documentation 
Coffee, tea, water and healthy snacks 

The place to be
inmetra Mediation Training & Coaching 
easily to be reached by plane, train, car ( free parking all around), tram, bike and on foot 

Please contact me for further information. You cannot imagine how much I am so looking forward to this course and to everyone who is joining in!


Vanessa Vetter - Because change is your chance.

Weitere Details

NLP LevelPractitioner
Datum / Uhrzeit 12.03.2021 - 28.11.2021
Ort 60487 Frankfurt am Main, Zeppelinallee 95
VerfasserVanessa Vetter


Firmainmetra® / Mediation Training & Coaching
VeranstalterVanessa Vetter
AnschriftZeppelinallee 95, 60487 Frankfurt
Telefon+49 (0)69 -13879859